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Connecting the market-leading data centres in Africa .Africa Data Centres Association

In spite of their importance to African economy, data centres are still underexposed in the media, politics, governments and society. We believe the data centre industry deserves a proper representation in these fields. That’s why in 2018 the Africa Data Centre Association (ADA) was founded – the Trade Association for data centres in Africa. ADA goals
  • We want to drive awareness of the industry towards stakeholders such as government, the media and society at large.
  • We aim to express the views of the industry with regard to regulation and policy issues.
  • We will promote the image and the economic importance of the data centre industry – in both short term as in the long run.
  • We want to take a leading role by facilitating members to boost operational improvements in the form of best practices, promotion of education and contributing to technical standards with which the data centre industry in Africa (and beyond) can make a difference.
  • We aim to unite the pan-African data centre industry.
ADA mission statement We want to connect the market-leading data centres in Africa to strengthen economic growth of the industry and drive awareness of data centres in African society. Who is ADA? Read our board and management page.

The Voice Of Africa Data Centre Industry

Data centre owners, government, data centre equipment suppliers, data centre users and manufactures, education institutions, data centre professionals and individuals are invited to join the Africa data centre association.

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