Africa Data Centre Association Launch. 21 September 2018, Harare Zimbabwe

Connecting the market-leading data centres in Africa .Africa Data Centres Association

Africa Data Centre Association Launch. 21 September 2018, Harare Zimbabwe

“Bridging the Gap in the African Digital Economy”
The success in the future of   Data Centres in the world (Africa included) is inevitable and the voice of Africa’s Economy is calling for the internet of everything as noted at the Data Centre Africa Expo Conference 2018 which was held from 8-10 February 2018 in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Data Centre Africa Expo Conference’s Agenda was “Live Data Centre Africa – The Road to Africa Digital Transformation”.
It was attended by leading innovators, solutions providers, location agencies, power companies, infrastructure and connectivity leaders, Data Centre service firms, cooling specialists, European and global organizations, investors, Data Centre audit firms, government agencies, Data Centre Managers and senior IT professionals from Enterprise, Public Sector and small businesses, CTO’s, CIO’s, IT Directors, Data Centre Managers, DC Design Directors/Managers, Infrastructure Managers, Purchasing Managers, Facilities Managers, Network Systems and Security professionals, Project Managers and Engineers,  Data Centre Investors and many more. For more information about companies that attended the conference Click Here and also check at the bottom of the Data Centre Africa website for Data Centre Africa sponsors.
“Africa data centers confront a series of challenges not least in deploying and powering new facilities,” commented Paul-François Cattier, Vice-President Economic Development, Africa & Middle East, Off Grid energy, Water Grid, Data center, Multi-Lateral Organizations, Schneider Electric.
In response to the above cries in the Digital economic Sector, a new industry association for Africa Data Centers is to be launched on 21 September 2018 at Harare. It shall be named Africa Data Centre Association (ADA)
The Chairman of Data Centre Africa, Dr. Dunny Derera said “In spite of the importance of Data Centres of the African economy, Data Centres are still underexposed in the media, politics, governments and society. We believe the Data Centre industry deserves a proper representation in these fields. That’s why we are launching the Africa Data Centre Association (ADA) – the Trade Association for data centers in Africa.”
What is Africa Data Centre Association (ADA)?
Africa Data Centre Association is a Trade Association for organizations in Africa and beyond, who affect and are affected by Data Centres growth, Internet of things and Digital Transformation. Some of these organizations have already joined the association to decide the future of their organizations in this digital era.
The Data Center Industry is one of the pillars of the African economic development and Africa Data Centre Association (ADA) is aiming to connect the market-leading organizations in Africa to strengthen economic growth of the industry and drive awareness of data centers in African society, therefore it is a sustainable association for the Data center industry providing a collective voice on the market to organize interactions with African Governments on regulation and policies. For more information about Africa Data Centre Association please visit
As the digital economy is all about data, Africa will need to develop its own Data Center Network to ensure Data sovereignty, bandwidth and latency time, and bring back the IT Load across the continent. Africa Data Centre Association connects leading African data centers to each other – to stimulate economic growth and to promote and represent the sector to media, politics and society.
 “The new association will provide the first organizational body for African operators, a valuable resource supporting industry best practice, an outstanding networking platform for the exchange of information and ideas.”
Who is invited to Africa Data Centre Association Launch?
Invitation to the Launch of Africa Data Centre Association and Membership of the Association will be open to both operating companies in Africa, as well as those engaged in the data center sector internationally. Together, we will raise the profile of the industry.  Contact information about joining the association can be found at Africa Data Centre Association (ADA).
Therefore we would like to invite you to join the Africa Data Centre Association and become a member of the Africa Data Centre Association so that together we will raise the profile of the Data Centre Industry.
To book a ticket for Africa Data Centre Association Launch  Click Here
What will Members benefit from joining Africa Data Centre Association?
As a member, you will profit from our lobbying with governments, our efforts to bring supply and demand together, and our extensive marketing and promotion of the entire African data Centre sector.
This Association will allow existing and future members, to benefit of a platform to contribute to the establishment of best practices, education, and industry leadership and technical standards to which the data center industry adheres. It will foster the development of the Data Center Industry in Africa and create a strong industry body on the continent as well as internationally.
Next to that, there are specific benefits for ADA members. If you would like to know more, please visit To add to these benefits they are other benefits which are attracted by your membership Level. Please visit ADA Membership Levels
Africa is shaping its own future, and a big part of this destiny is Digital. Your subscription to Africa Data Centre Association (ADA) will boost Africa’s digital economy.

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