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Connecting the market-leading data centres in Africa .Africa Data Centres Association

The African Data Centre Association connects leading African data centres to each other – to stimulate economic growth and to promote and represent the sector to media, politics and society. Overall major benefits of joining ADA You will benefit from our goals, which are set to help you and the sector move forward:
  • Driving awareness of the industry towards stakeholders such as government, the media and society at large.
  • Expressing the views of the industry with regard to regulation and policy issues.
  • Promoting the image and the economic importance of the data centre industry – in both short term as in the long run.
  • Taking a leading role by facilitating members to boost operational improvements in the form of best practices, promotion of education and contributing to technical standards with which the data centre industry in Africa (and beyond) can make a difference.
  • Uniting the pan-African data centre industry.
Specific benefits of being an ADA member
  • You are part of a group of leading data centres in Africa.
  • Raised visibility and extensive branding of your brand on our website, in our publications and other activities.
  • Consistent media attention for ADA and its members and partners.
  • You will have the opportunity to publish your news through ADA’s channels.
  • Presence on closed and open ADA events, workshops and network events.
  • We will provide one strong voice concerning important industry themes.
  • Promotion throughout Africa and beyond.
  • We will be lobbying with government organisations.
  • Efficient representation at interest groups.
  • You will gain access to the ADA forum.



As the Trade Association of the African data centre industry, we are always open for talks with anyone working in the industry. Are you interested to know more? Please feel free to contact us anytime via our details below or via the Contact form. We would be more than happy to invite you to our office in Harare for a cup of coffee.

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