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Dr. Dunny Derera Director ADA

As the director of the Africa Data Center Association, Dr. D. Derera represents the largest commercial data centers in Africa. He is an industry veteran with over 20 years experience in operational, sales and management roles. He previously worked for IIS and Acurera, and is currently active as a consultant and owner of Savannah Telecom. Dr. D. Derera has extensive knowledge and passion for data centres.

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Africa Data Centre Association has set up two committees to promote knowledge sharing within the data center sector:


The technical committee is there to jointly tackle technical challenges in the areas of policy and regulations, energy efficiency and sustainability. That is why participants share information about new developments and technical solutions wherever possible. The technical committee is intended for operations managers of all connected data centers.


The marketing committee works jointly to promote the sector and visibility to the general public, policy makers and end users. The committee meets to synchronize the marketing on large themes wherever possible. Intended for marketers and product managers from all connected data centers

We are the call centre for Africa’s Datacentre industry. Africa Data Centre market is an emerging market with plenty investment opportunities. We offer free consultation to our members. We take pride in giving reliable industrial information.

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