Data centres explained

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What is a data centre?

A data centre is used to house computer systems and associated components such as connectivity and storage systems. Everything that happens online starts in a data centre, it forms the heart of internet and online services. Internet exchanges, cloud exchanges, cloud providers, web hosting provides, internet backbone carriers, content delivery networks, internet access providers and fiber operators: all are centered in a data centre. Therefore data centres are the most important enablers of the digital economy. Data centres support a wide range of activities in government, business and society. Africa has a great interest in the data centres’ growth as it will attract foreign investments and cause indirect economic growth. Our current way of life would come to a standstill without data centres. With such an impact, ironically data centres aren’t really visible to the public eye. Many people aren’t even aware of the existence of data centres. A data centre is often a rather anonymous looking factory building. Don’t let the looks fool you: here lies the foundation of Africa’s digital infrastructure.


Technology develops on daily basis and data centre field is changing fast. At AFRICA DATA CENTRE ASSOCIATION (ADA) we think that life is continuous education and therefore Schools and Universities are a vital part of AFRICA DATA CENTRE ASSOCIATION (ADA)'s ecosystem. Our vision is to increase awareness of data centre related business on a national and international level and to secure skilled resources for the growing business area.
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