Data Centres: Potential for a Green Future

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Data Centres: Potential for a Green Future

Data centres green futureData centres are energy efficient by nature, as they are built for it. More energy usage means more costs, so why waste it? Due to their focus on efficiency, data centres are frontrunners in the green and sustainable movement. It will be a matter of time before the entire industry is driven by green energy. In Africa, there’s a huge potential for even more green solutions. Think of heat pumps to store and exchange the heat that is generated in the data centre. Large data centres however have the image of being energy-inefficient. The opposite is true: the bigger the data centre, the more efficiently it can allocate cooling and efficiently use electricity to power the servers, storage and network equipment. ADA believes in a green future – a future in which the innovative power of data centres are fully used to contribute to a more sustainable society.

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