Demand for Data Centres in Africa Growing

Connecting the market-leading data centres in Africa .Africa Data Centres Association

Demand for Data Centres in Africa Growing


In spite of their importance to the African economy, only 63 data centres currently exist in Africa, with the bulk of them situated in South Africa, according to Data Centre Map. Data centres are the most important enablers of the digital economy. Our current way of life would come to a standstill without data centres. With such an impact, ironically data centres are not really visible to the public eye, but here lies the foundation of Africa’s digital infrastructure.

Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa are the leaders in the development of regional data centres, achieving a faster level of growth than other nations – according to The Data Centre Report. Innovation is credited as being the key driver of growth in the Data Centre market in Africa.  

The data centre market in Africa is poised for continued strong growth with increasing demand for global applications, content, and the accelerating adoption of cloud services. Global players like Microsoft, Huawei, Facebook, Schneider Electric and Amazon have built a strategic position to capture this regional opportunity as trusted and secure partners with resilient data centre facilities built to international standards. The Cisco Global Cloud Index predicted that the Middle East and Africa region will have the highest cloud traffic growth rate globally through to 2019, with 41 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).

In-line with accelerating growth and demand in Africa’s Data Centre industry, the Africa Data Centre Association is proud host Africa Data Centre Market show, on 19th and 20th June in Johannesburg. The Africa Data Centre Market Show is the show that brings Data Centre stakeholders in one place to discuss business with the goal to transcend the growth of Africa’s Digital Economy.

This show aims toassist Data Centre stakeholders to maximize the opportunities being brought by the emerging Data Centre Market. This will therefore drive awareness of the industry towards stakeholders such as government, the media and society at large, thus unite the pan-African data centre industry. Key stakeholders will get an opportunity to express the views of the industry with regard to regulation and policy issues.

Africa Data Centre Association (ADA) represents the interests of the Africa commercial data centre operator community, both politically and commercially. It provides a platform for Africa Data Centre operators, both commercially and politically, with the overall aim of promoting and developing growth for the industry.  

Africa Data Centre Association are absolutely delighted to be partnered with the FINNISH DATA CENTER FORUM RY @fdcfry and BroadGroup/Data Cloud Global Congress @datacloudglobal @datacloudafrica @broadgroup on an initiative that promotes knowledge sharing and strong collaborations.

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About Africa Data Centre Association:

The Africa Data Centre Association (ADA) was founded in 2018, as the Trade Association for data centre stakeholders in Africa. The mandate of the association is to spearhead the conversation on the need for data centres in Africa, and to connect industry leaders, policy makers and various stakeholders and ultimately educate the market. The Association is affiliated to the Finnish Data Centre Forum and the Data Cloud Global Congress. The event is free for all Association members.

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