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Technology develops on daily basis and data center field is changing fast. At AFRICA DATA CENTRE ASSOCIATION (ADA) we think that life is continuous education and therefore Schools and Universities are a vital part of AFRICA DATA CENTRE ASSOCIATION (ADA)’s ecosystem. Our vision is to increase awareness of data center related business on a national and international level and to secure skilled resources for the growing business area. In order to make this happen we want to co-operate with schools and universities in Africa by creating more data center related knowledge and help educational institutions to educate professionals to work in the data center field.

ADA will establish a tight cooperation with some universities for example by helping students in showcasing their final thesis, inviting students to our seminars, arranging events in Universities, arranging skilled trainers to Universities and helping to find a job in the data center field. ADA’s events, seminars and digital conversation forums will be open to all of our members. ADA’s digital forum will enable different stakeholders to discuss and share the knowledge and experiences in the data center field.

Africa Data Centre Association are absolutely delighted to be partnered with the FINNISH DATA CENTER FORUM RY @fdcfry and BroadGroup/Data Cloud Global Congress @datacloudglobal @datacloudafrica @broadgroup on an initiative that promotes knowledge sharing and strong collaborations.


For Students We Offer: For Universities We Offer:
·     Forums and web site to promote thesis works
·         Potential organisations as targets for thesis and research work.
·         Events and seminars to gain knowledge and get possibility to meet business area representatives.
·         Funding for selected thesis works
·         Give awards and stipends
·         Further education possibilities for adults with universities.
·         Trainers from industry
·         Events and seminars to promote research and education possibilities and achievements
·         Funding for thesis works
·         Stipends
·         Site visit to data centres and cloud service companies
·         Opportunities to arrange events together with Industry leader from Finland and abroad.

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