Connecting the market-leading data centres in Africa .Africa Data Centres Association


We are pleased to invite your organization to join Africa Data Centre Association and become a member of the Association. Together we will bridge the gap in Africa’s Digital economy and raise the profile of Africa Data Centre Industry.

About Africa Data Centre Association

Africa Data Center Association(ADA) is a Trade Association which was officially launched on 21 September 2018. It is for stakeholders in Africa, who affect and are affected by the growth of Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Internet of things and Digital Transformation among other ICT technologies. These Organizations are joining hands to decide the future of their organizations in this digital era.

Africa Data Centre Association is aiming to connect the market-leading organizations in Africa to strengthen economic growth of the industry and drive awareness of data centres in African society. For more information about Africa Data Centre Association please click here.

How different Stakeholders fit in the Association

Data Centre Designers: These are companies which design and manufacture data Centre equipment. Their views of the technical standards of designing Data Centers will be heard and they will also be aware of Africa’s digital market requirements. Thereby, increasing their marketing and selling ground.

Data Centre Suppliers:These are companies that supply data center equipment. To them the association will guide them to abide by the technical standards required by Africa’s Data Centre industry. Through knowledge sharing and networking, their views and complaints will add value on bridging the gap in the digital economy.

Data Centre Owners:These are companies that own data centers and provide services to data center users. The associations will be there to help you abide by regulations that will benefit the whole of Africa’s digital world and will also attract more customers to your Data center services. The association will be the right place for knowledge sharing and networking.

Data Centre Users:These are companies which out Source Data Centre Services including Cloud services among other data storage technologies. The association gives a variety of suppliers and the standards to expect from the services you will be outsourcing. Your Suggestions and Your Complains will help to shape the digital economy thereby improving the quality of the products you will get from Data Centre service providers.

Data Centre Professionals:These are certified Data Centre professionals and the knowledge they will share and get will add value in building Africa’s Digital Economy. Their certifications / education will be valued in the whole continent thereby increase their employment opportunity.

Benefits of joining Africa data Centre Association

As a member, you will profit from our lobbying with governments, our efforts to bring supply and demand together, and our extensive marketing and promotion of the entire African data Centre sector. Next to that, there are specific benefits for ADA members. If you would like to know more, please Click Here.

There are also different membership levels you can subscribe to. These memberships’ levels have different benefits depending on the membership level you have subscribed to. If you would like to know more about our packages of membership levels and their different added benefits, please Click Here.

Our Team will be glad to hear from you soon

We are looking forward to working with you on building Africa’s Digital Economy.

Kind Regards,

Admin Africa Data Centre Association (ADA)

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