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Connecting the market-leading data centres in Africa .Africa Data Centres Association

Does your data center need a digital twin?

Jon Leppard, Future Facilities Jon Leppard is a Director at Future Facilities. For a decade, Future Facilities has provided computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and consultancy services to the world’s largest data center owner-operators and to the industry’s leading consultancies. Well established in the manufacturing and aerospace industry, is a physics-based digital twin the future…
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The race to exascale: A story of superpowers and supercomputers

The US, China, Europe & Japan are locked in a competition to build the world’s first exaflop machine This is a story about scale. Billions of dollars are being spent; thousands of the world’s brightest minds are competing across vast bureaucratic systems; and huge corporations are fighting for contracts. All of this is necessary to…
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How to build an infallible cloud migration strategy in 2019

Migrating an organization’s on-premise IT infrastructure to the cloud ranks as one most crucial business decisions that a company can make. However, the first step in the direction is still a small one. The critical thing to understand is that the overall process of migration is what will take up the most significant chunk of…
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The Battle for the African Cloud

Africa is emerging as a lively battleground for global cloud providers. Last month, Huawei announced that it would launch Africa-based public cloud services starting in March, from data centers in Johannesburg (initially) and Cape Town. (See Huawei to Launch Cloud Services in March and Huawei Unveils Cloud Computing Service in South Africa.) Huawei follows in…
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Demand for Data Centres in Africa Growing

  In spite of their importance to the African economy, only 63 data centres currently exist in Africa, with the bulk of them situated in South Africa, according to Data Centre Map. Data centres are the most important enablers of the digital economy. Our current way of life would come to a standstill without data…
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Data Centres Are Just A Cost Of Doing Business -DCD Istanbul OCP Key Note Speech by Steve Helvie

A key note Speech of Data Centre Costs which was delivered in Turkey at a DCD event By Steve Helvie.   Click Here To Download the presentation.


We are pleased to invite your organization to join Africa Data Centre Association and become a member of the Association. Together we will bridge the gap in Africa’s Digital economy and raise the profile of Africa Data Centre Industry. About Africa Data Centre Association Africa Data Center Association(ADA) is a Trade Association which was officially launched on 21 September…
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2018 OCP Regional Summit Report

2018 OCP Regional Summit Amsterdam, Netherlands October 1 KEYNOTES SPEAKERS ALL KEYNOTES AS ONE SESSION (see below) Video Welcome Address Mark Roenigk Video Slides Introduction John Laban Video Slides Keynote presented by Microsoft Marc Tremblay Video Slides Distributed Compute – Presented by Facebook Hans-Juergen  Schmidtke Video Slides Summit Highlights Bill Carter Video Slides OCP/OPNFV Running…
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Professional Development Program for Your End Of Year Budget

Savannah Telecom is wrapping up its 2018 training calendar with a professional development program in Zimbabwe. Its professional development programs have certified thousands of data center professionals who have gained essential knowledge about the design, construction and operations management of IT critical infrastructures. The primary audience for these professional development programs are IT Facilities or…
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We are excited! It is now  few minutes to go until the big doors open for the official launch of Africa Data Center Association (ADA). We are pleased to invite you  to the official launch of Africa Data Center Association (ADA) The event’s theme is “Bridging the Gap in the African Digital Economy”   Event Venue  New Ambassador Hotel 88 Kwame Nkurumah…
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