Connecting the market-leading data centres in Africa .Africa Data Centres Association

To achieve our goals, we take part in the following activities and offer the following services:
Lobbying is of crucial importance for the future development and the overall health of the data centre industry. We are lobbying to influence governmental policies in areas of energy policy, legislation and planning to align them with the needs of the sector.

Bringing supply and demand together

  • We will strengthen the bond between participants by organizing seminars and events.
  • On behalf of the industry we will join in and meet with the digital sector. In a much broader context, we want to connect the entire digital infrastructure sector. Where possible or where desired, we want to find consensus and work together on common themes.
  • We will take the lead in initiatives to improve the relationship between data centres and the environment.
  • We want to help employers find their staff through active participation in education and internship projects.
Marketing & promotion
  • We will clarify the major role of the data centre industry in the African economy as a whole.
  • We will be a Point Of Contact for the industry and spokesperson on important industry issues and current events.
  • Through thorough preparation we will be able to prevent negative discussions and/or respond rapidly to any discussions in the media.
  • We will promote the data centre industry (and the surrounding ecosystem), its impact and relevance by means of this website and frequent publications (reports, white papers, blogs, newsletters).
  • We will educate how the industry operates.
Promoting the African data centre industry also means looking abroad:
  • We want to initiate new and connect with existing (government) projects to promote the African Digital Mainport. This way, the entire African data centre industry can benefit from promotional programs at home and abroad.
  • We want to be a discussion partner for foreign market participants, governments, interest groups and platforms to simplify and keep cooperation as lean and mean as possible.

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